Corporate Citizenship Award – 2016 BioProcess International Awards

WINNER: GlaxoSmithKline – The PULSE Partnership Program

The PULSE Partnership Program is GSKs flagship skills-based volunteering initiative where employees lend their expertise in order to help non-profit organizations.  Since its launch in 2009, the PULSE Volunteer Partnership has enabled 565 employees from across 57 different countries to work with 103 non-profit partners in 62 countries. Over the last six years, PULSE has provided nearly £19 million worth of skilled services to our partners as calculated by multiplying the average salary and benefits cost of a GSK employee by the amount of time that PULSE volunteers served on their assignment. The PULSE Volunteer Partnership has a three-fold mission: (1) Change Communities: Our employees use their professional skills to create positive, sustainable change for non-profit partners and the communities they serve; (2) Change Employees: Our employees are challenged to think differently, develop leadership skills and heighten cultural agility through their PULSE experience; (3) Change GSK: Our employees bring fresh ideas and new energy back to GSK to activate change in step with global health needs


Biogen – Closing the Hemophilia Gap in the Developing World

Life for many hemophilia patients is often associated with severe disability, isolation and pain. For the doctors, it is full of impossible choices about how to use what little therapy is available – and always wondering when more will come. We were inspired by the call to action issued by the WFH in 2012 and the need to address this treatment gap in the developing world. Even before we had products commercially available to treat hemophilia, we believed we could help address the challenge in developing countries by joining the existing humanitarian aid effort and applying our manufacturing capacity and expertise in supplying medicines around the world to this problem.

First, along with our collaborators at Sobi, we made a commitment to donate 1 billion IUs of our factor therapy to humanitarian aid programs in the developing world over the next 10 years, starting with up to 500 million IUs through the WFH’s Humanitarian Aid Program. Then we focused on supporting the infrastructure needed to ensure secure, sustainable and reliable product delivery to these countries.

Biogen and Sobi have been fortunate to collaborate with the WFH, an organization that for the last 20 years has built the largest supply channel of donated hemophilia products in the world. Now, through this unique coalition, we have together built a stronger humanitarian aid infrastructure to get more therapy to patients who need it. John Cox Executive Vice President Pharmaceutical Operations & Technology

Baxter – The Baxter International Foundation

The mission of the Baxter International Foundation is to increase access to healthcare for the disadvantaged and underserved in the United States and around the world.

The Baxter International Foundation supports initiatives and organizations that make a positive, lasting impact on increasing access to healthcare for the disadvantaged and underserved in the United States and globally. The Baxter International Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Baxter International Inc. The Foundation’s fundamental purpose is to make a positive and lasting impact on healthcare and the health of communities globally. Increasing Access to Quality Healthcare Throughout the world, limited government funding for healthcare, growing numbers of uninsured or underinsured individuals, and natural and man-made disasters converge to increase the need for healthcare services. At the same time, many nonprofit health organizations face budget and staff limitations, struggling to meet daily needs. Commitment to the Foundation’s mission is demonstrated in the grant-making, employee, and prize programs. In each of these efforts, the Foundation’s fundamental purpose is to make a positive and lasting impact on healthcare and the health of communities in and near where Baxter employees live and work. Total Impact since 1981 Total Giving: $108,162,511.60 Total Charities Supported: 6,647 Total Countries: 39