Emerging Company – 2016 BioProcess International Awards


NuMedii, Inc., discovers effective new drugs by translating its predictive data intelligence technology into therapies with a higher probability of therapeutic success. The Company’s exclusive Big Data technology, originally developed at Stanford University, utilizes large amounts of scientific data together with proprietary biological network-based algorithms to discover drug-disease connections and biomarkers that are predictive of efficacy. NuMedii translates these predictions into novel de-risked drug candidates and partners with pharmaceutical companies for development and commercialization.

The Company’s proprietary and dynamic Big Data technology, consists of hundreds of millions of raw human, biological, pharmacological and clinical data points that the company has normalized and annotated. The company integrates these data with proprietary network-based algorithms to find both drug candidates and biomarkers predictive of efficacy for diseases.


Quad Technologies

Founded in 2013 to explore the potential of a unique dissolvable hydrogel technology invented at Northeastern University, Quad Technologies is disrupting cell separation and cell therapy workflows by providing cell biologists with a simple, cell-friendly capture and release technology for cell isolation. The company’s primary focus is on developing best-in-class cell separation reagents for immuno-oncology and translational medicine applications.

Quad Technologies’ MagCloudz™ Cell Separation products use magnetic particles as a carrier for their proprietary QuickGel™ technology, which enables target cell capture via a familiar magnetic cell isolation workflow. At the end of the cell separation process, using the Q-Mag or comparable magnetic stand, the MagCloudz™ are dissolved in less than one minute, using a biologically friendly buffer. This releases the target cells from the magnetic carriers, leaving the captured cells behind in their native state after removal of the magnetic particles. Quad Technologies’ unique cell release capabilities drastically increase cell viability compared to conventional magnetic separation products and eliminate retained magnetic labels from isolated cell populations.

Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult vision is for the UK to be a global leader in the development, delivery and commercialisation of cell and gene therapy. Where businesses can start, grow and confidently develop cell and gene therapies, delivering them to patients rapidly, efficiently and effectively.

Our mission is to grow the industry in the UK to substantial and sustainable levels by: taking products into clinical trial, de-risking them for further investment; providing clinical expertise and access to NHS clinical partners; providing technical expertise and infrastructure to ensure products can be made to GMP and delivered cost effectively; providing regulatory expertise to ensure that products can get to the clinic safely, in the shortest amount of time; providing opportunities for collaboration, both nationally and globally; and providing access to business expertise, grants and investment finance so that commercially viable products are progressed and investable propositions are generated.