ILC Dover

The Fastest and Cleanest Way to Transfer Media and Buffer Powders

ILC Dover has developed a new powder transfer process to solve issues related to contamination and reduce the fill time of each powder bag. The EZ BioPac™ is proven to reduce contamination that typically occurs during filling a powder transfer bag or, more importantly, when it is discharged at the reactor or mix tank.


  • Ease of use — open fill design simplifies manual filling without spillage and affords the ability to easily remove powder if required to hit the target fill weight
  • Reduced fill time — open top reduces time required per dispense cycle
  • Minimized cleaning — fold over neck creates a clean zone around the polypropylene stand and outside layer of the EZ BioPac™
  • Large Volumes (up to 100L) reduce the number of bags required.
  • Largest diameter charge necks (up to 8″ Sanitary Flange) allow for rapid emptying of even the most difficult powders.

Check out our latest white paper on Single-Use Approaches to Powder Transfer and give us a call. We offer standard and customized solutions to meet your specific needs.