Pall Life Sciences

Pall-LifeSciences_regmarkPall Life Sciences provides process, pilot and laboratory filtration, separation, purification and fluid handling devices, systems and services, with single-use systems available for all unit operations from cell culture through final formulation and filling. Based on Pall’s long history of providing quality equipment for the biopharmaceutical, vaccine and cell therapy industries, all products – whether standard or customized to match users exact process needs – are backed up with extensive documentation and experience in extractables, leachables and particulate validation. Fully automated single-use systems allow process control and data acquisition to meet or exceed the standards expected from traditional fixed equipment. New Product highlights include enabling technologies for continuous bioprocessing – Cadence™ Inline Concentrator and the BioSMB® continuous chromatography platform, and the Palltronic® Flowstar LGR in-situ leak test and combined filter integrity test system for single-use assemblies.

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