BPI Theater

BPI Europe Interview: Christian Witz, Sim Vantage

Moderator: Anna Brown, Conference Producer, Informa. Featuring: Christian Witz, CEO, Sim Vantage. In this interview from BPI Europe in May 2023, Christian Witz, CEO, Sim Vantage discusses its use of principle simulations of bioreactors, the advantages of having digitalized processes, and more. Watch the full interview below.

BPI Europe Interview: James Wilkinson, Refeyn

Moderator: Anna Brown, Conference Producer, Informa. Featuring: James Wilkinson, VP Strategic Business Development, Refeyn. In this interview from BPI Europe in May 2023, James Wilkinson, VP Strategic Business Development, Refeyn discusses mass photometry in the bioprocessing community, advancements in biomolecular analysis, and more. Watch the full interview below.

BPI Europe Interview: Ike James, PhD, Medicines Patent Pool

Moderator: Anna Brown, Conference Producer, Informa. Featuring: Ike James, PhD, Head of Transfer Technology, Medicines Patent Pool. In this interview from BPI Europe in May 2023, Ike James, PhD, Head of Transfer Technology, Medicines Patent Pool discusses how the company strives to create access for essential medicines in low and middle income countries, prepare for potential future pandemics by developing an mRNA technology platform, and more. Watch the full interview below.

Innovations in Bioprocessing Purification, dPCR, and Supply Chain from Thermo Fisher Scientific

This interview features: Jean Luo, Vice President and General Manager, Purification and Pharma Analytics, Thermo Fisher Scientific Jean Luo shared some of Thermo Fisher’s innovative new purification and PCR products at the BioProcess International West 2023 conference. She also discussed some efforts Thermo Fisher has taken to reduce lead times for supplies, as well as help customers avoid regulatory delays.

Microplate Based Assay for Misparing of Bispecifics in Cell Culture Samples

This interview features: Sebastian Giehring, CEO, PAIA. PAIA is presenting the world´s first assay for assessing mispairing of complex biotherapeutics based on charge differences. Mispairing is a huge challenge in the assembly of bispecific antibodies. It refers to the situation where chains from different monoclonal antibodies incorrectly pair with each other, producing process related impurities that have to be monotore during the bioprocess development. PAIA are showing data from one of the first bispecific biosimilars and illustrate the assay principle…

Enabling Real-Time Process Control: Automated Glucose Feeding Based on Online Measurement

This presentation features: Milla Neffling, PhD, Market Segment Manager, 908 Devices. Faster development cycles, intensified processes, and automation of process control are key-initiatives in biotherapeutics manufacturing. However, offline analytics requiring manual intervention are commonly used to monitor critical and time-sensitive process parameters. We describe a new automated approach for optimal growth and production, leveraging sensitive, online (sample-free) monitoring of glucose and lactate with automated feed control, and its impact on growth/viability, lower metabolite, and improved PQA.   Fill out the…

Protein Capture Innovation from WL Gore & Associates

This interview features: William Barrett, PhD, Product Specialist, WL Gore & Associates. William Barrett, PhD is a product specialist with WL Gore & Associates. He has over 20 years combined experience in biotechnology, chromatography, and the medical device industries. Most recently at WL Gore, Bill’s focused on affinity purification chromatography. Previously, Bill worked at Agilent on affinity depletion devices used in biomarker discovery and proteomics. He received a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Illinois and completed his fellowship…

Product Safety Testing

This interview features: Amy Bennett, Manager of Virology Scientific Support, Charles River Laboratories. Amy joined Charles River in 2010 as technician within the Virology Department and is now manager of Virology Scientific Support. She currently oversees development within the department as well as technical transfers. Amy has worked on the development and implementation of safety assays for various gene therapy vectors including adenovirus, adeno-associated virus, and lentivirus. She has a master’s degree in biology from West Chester University.

Leap-In to the Future of Cell Line Development

This interview features: Claes Gustafsson, Co-Founder and CCO, ATUM. Launched only a few years ago, the Leap-In Transposase platform has rapidly become an industry standard technology for the generation of CHO cells for the manufacturing of antibodies and other biologics. This presentation will highlight achievements and case studies of the platform including high titer MAb manufacturing, rapid anti-COVID responses, and some novel, next generation, applications.   Speaker Bio: As ATUM’s Co-Founder and CCO, Dr. Claes Gustafsson oversees most of the…