Single-Use Depth Filtration for Mammalian Cell Culture Clarification

Clarifying cell culture broth is the first downstream unit operation in an elaborate sequence of steps required to purify a biological therapeutic. A combination of centrifugation, depth filtration, or tangential-flow filtration (TFF) is used for that operation. The availability of large-scale, single-use, depth filtration technology in the recent years, however, has given process developers the capability to improve and simplify downstream processes.

ROUNDTABLE – Single-Use Technologies: Industrialization, Standardization, Regulation – Common Goals and Differing Expectations

As the adoption and maturation of single-use technologies continues to evolve, many end-users are looking for single-use suppliers to standardize products, materials, and equipment in order to improve efficiency and lower costs. An expert group of industry suppliers discusses the pros/cons and differing expectation surrounding this trend.