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Novel Plastic Bag for Monoclonal Antibody Final Bulk Storage to Actively Prevent Oxidation

Essentially, human protein such as monoclonal antibody is quite susceptible against oxidation. Nevertheless using the oxygen barrier containers, oxygen within the protein solution and oxygen leaking through the closure port of container affect to the protein. To minimize oxidation of monoclonal antibody, novel plastic bag for monoclonal antibody final bulk storage has been developed. The concept “Active” means that removing oxygen not only passively from the circumstances through the barrier layer within the container (or bag), but also actively removing…

Cell Therapies Roundtable: Building the Pillars to Success

In order to deliver cell-based therapies on a commercial scale, cell therapy companies and suppliers must form partnerships in order to overcome existing manufacturing, regulatory, and analytical challenges. Four leading cell therapy experts discuss what is and what has to be done in order to accomplish this objective.