Evaluating Library Databases for Microbial Identification: Critical Aspects and Recommendations

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Contract_Services_-_169262aA thorough evaluation process for microbial identification systems should consist of both a technical and financial review, regardless if you are performing internal testing and outsourcing. Assessment of the library database used for microbial identifications is a critical component of evaluating a system or service in its ability to generate accurate identifications. Comprehensive depth of entries, accuracy and coverage of relevant species frequently found in aseptic and sterile manufacturing environments have a significant impact on both performance and cost. Databases that are not routinely updated and curated through a validated cGMP process can lead to taxonomic errors in species level identifications or generate inconclusive results. These errors cause higher repeat testing rates and time delays that affect operations and production, which effectively increases overall cost. As an independent contract laboratory service provider offering multiple technology solutions, Accugenix routinely compares differences in system performance for environmental isolates to establish product claims for our clients. This poster emphasizes the need to perform “Fitness for Use” studies beyond routine panels provided by manufacturers to understand both the performance and operational impact to your environmental monitoring system.