New Core Bead Chromatography Medium Enables Group Separation and High Productivity Purification of Large Molecules

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Downstream_Processi_185702aWhen large biomolecules such as IgM or influenza virus are purified, group separation with gel filtration is the most commonly used technique. Advantages of using gel filtration include the high purity and the high recoveries that can be achieved, while a drawback is the relatively low productivity. Capto™ Core 700 is a chromatography medium (resin) from GE Healthcare Life Sciences designed with core bead technology. The core bead technology enables double functionality for Capto Core 700 – size exclusion and binding separation in one bead. The benefits of this technology include high loading, high flow rates with short residence times, and robust performance in a wide window of operations, securing high productivity and straightforward process design. Here we show purification examples with Capto Core 700 on two examples of large biomolecules, IgM, and influenza virus.


Capto Core 700 is built with core-bead technology that allows double functionality – size exclusion and binding separation in one bead. The size exclusion cutoff is in the range of Mr 700 000 making Capto Core 700 an excellent tool for purification challenges for large biomolecules, such as IgM or influenza viruses.