Purification of Antibody Fragments: A New Route for Capture

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Downstream_Processi_185698aAntibody fragments have the potential to become the next important class of protein-based biotherapeutics after monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). The introduction of Capto™ L, with its protein L ligand, provides a possibility for an industrial platform purification approach for capture of this class of biomolecules. Capto L can bind a broad range of antibody fragments containing kappa light chains. Capto L is the latest member of chromatographic media (resins) in the toolbox consisting of several different products with affinity for the different antibody fragment sizes and light/heavy chain subtypes. Capto L, LambdaFabSelect, KappaSelect and MabSelect™ are based on the rigid High Flow Agarose base matrix. This base matrix allows for high fl ow rates and/or increased bed heights which combined with highly selective ligands enables industrial scale purifications of antibody fragments with high productivity.


Capto L is an affinity BioProcess™ chromatography medium that has high binding capacity and selectivity for a broad range of antibody fragments containing the kappa light chain. These features suggest Capto L for the capture step of a high-productivity, industrial-scale platform approach to antibody fragment purifi cation. Complementing Capto L is a capture toolbox including LambdaFabSelect which together covers the majority of antibody fragments.