Sartopore (R) Platinum Sterile Filtration, Redefined

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Downstream_Processi_185688aWe introduce a new class of Sterile Filtration for Biopharmaceutical industry with Sartopore® Platinum. It offers exceptional total throughput, thanks to its patent-pending TwinPleat technology with 1 m2 area/10” element. At the heart of Sartopore® Platinum are PES membranes permanently hydrophilized with proprietary grafting of thermally stable polymer on to membrane surfaces. This leads to minimal wetting requirements prior to Integrity testing with < 5 L./10” preflush needed in < 1 min. They also offer low Protein Binding and low extractables. Dry forward and reverse steaming of cartridges is possible to address challenging SIP applications. Overall Cost of Ownership is significantly reduced once you implement this “one-of-a-kind” sterile filter in your process. Please refer to the Poster to lean more.