Focus on Bioprocessing

Biomanufacturing from 2002 to 2022: How Far the Biopharmaceutical Industry Has Come
Dawn M. Ecker, Thomas J. Crawford, and Patti Seymour

Hardware, Software, and Wetware: 20 Years of Advancements in Biopharmaceutical Production, Part 1
Yuval Shimoni and Cheryl Scott

Advances in Cell-Line Development, Banking, and Authentication
James Fantuzzo, Catherine Fox, Shalmica Jackson, Patrick Laverty, Toni Pipes, Brian Shapiro, and Fang Tian (ATCC)

30 Years in Microbial Manufacturing of Plasmid DNA, Vaccines, and Proteins
Thilo Kamphausen (Richter-Helm)

Innovations in Cell Culture, Sensor Technology, and Process Control: Preparing for Industry 4.0
Jim Furey (PendoTech)

Bioprocess Monitoring and Control: New and Continuing Needs in the Biopharmaceutical

Nick Pittman and Magnus Wetterhall (Waters Corporation)

Proud Partners: Advancing Technologies Enable Collaboration and Innovation
Weichang Zhou (WuXi Biologics)

Perspectives on Bioseparation and Single-Use Centrifugation
Tiffany Rau (Rau Consulting)

20 Years of Advancements in Bioseparations
Steve Burton (Astrea Bioseparations)

Empowering the Next Revolution
Ali Soleymannezhad (Tosoh Bioscience)

Host-Cell Protein Analytics:
History and Future Trends

Ken Hoffman (Cygnus Technologies)