It’s time again to celebrate the Innovators: the industry-leading suppliers whose technologies and products are propelling biomanufacturing research and capability into the future.

The industry has changed immensely since BioProcess International began devoting one issue per year to supplier-side accomplishments in 2004. Drug developers are delving deeper into antibody–drug conjugates (ADCs), cell and gene therapies, and other novel drug classes; and those therapies require more complex manufacturing and more rigorous quality control.

But what hasn’t changed is the unique ability of biopharmaceutical suppliers to innovate — to adapt to patient, sponsor, and industry needs; to rethink and redesign process and product; to turn big challenges into exciting opportunities.

In this issue, BPI offers an interactive resource from which to learn how suppliers are delivering on promises to improve bioprocessing, accelerate time to market, and, more simply, innovate for the next generation of breakthrough biologic treatments.

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