Innovators in Manufacturing

Contract Services
Giving You the Power for Clinical and Commercial Success
J. B. Agnus (Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services)

High Virus-Titer–Producing Cell Lines for Bioproduction
E. Turner-Gillies, B. Shapiro, and F. Tian (ATCC)

28 Years of Experience Developing and Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals
Codi Greene (Avid Bioservices)

Contract Services
Partnering with Innovators: From Raw Materials to Commercial-Ready Processes
Maribeth Donovan Janke (Catalent)

Cell Therapies
Corning X-WASH System: DMSO Reduction of Cryopreserved
Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Hilary Sherman and John Shyu (Corning Life Sciences)

Facility Design and Engineering
Financial Benefits of Off-Site Prefabricated Cleanroom Infrastructures
Maik Jornitz (G-CON Manufacturing)

Cell and Gene Therapies
Accelerating the Development of Cell and Gene Therapies:
From Discovery to Biomanufacture
Sophie Lutter (Oxgene, a WuXi Advanced Therapies Company)

Contract Services
Biopharmaceutical Development and CGMP Manufacturing:
Expansion of Capacities for Clinical and Commercial Supply
Thilo Kamphausen (Richter-Helm BioLogics)

Freeze-Cycle Testing of Fluoropolymer Bottles
Eric Isberg (Savillex)

Cell Therapies
Autologous CAR T-Cell Manufacturing Using a Semiautomatic, Closed, Modular Workflow
Sean Chang (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Contract Services
Prepared for the Future? Smart Maintenance Is Key to Industry 4.0
Martin Mayer (ZETA)