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Biomanufacturers are leveraging different solutions for compressing timelines to commercialization, including constructing efficient facility designs and implementing rapid manufacturing strategies. Alongside these approaches are the technologies and innovations being used at all process stages and scales. Biomanufacturing equipment suppliers have developed advanced process tools to meet the requirements for ever-decreasing times to market. This report presents some of those advancements.

Introduction: Technology Highlights from the 2019 BioProcess International Conference
Maribel Rios
Exhibitors at the 2019 BPI Conference in Boston, MA, presented the most recent biomanufacturing innovations for all process stages and scales. Notable system solutions are meeting the need for single-use, high-throughput, integrated, and automated technologies. Other suppliers are providing systems with greater capacities or that eliminate bottleneck downstream steps.
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Smart Sensors and Data Management Solutions for Modern Facilities
Maribel Rios, with Matt Roesch
Among the growing number of technologies being implemented to reduce time to market, advanced sensors for good manufacturing (GMP) and nonGMP environments are some of the most critical. Many formats are providing process and other other data in real time. Facilities designed with WiFi networks, augmented with capabilities in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and other analytical tools are helping biomanufacturers make early decisions about their processes.
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Rapid Implementation of Novel Affinity Purification
Frank Detmers, Jan Griesbach, Kevin Sleijpen, Jaco Hazenoot, and Pim Hermans
The authors from Thermo Fisher Scientific highlight the company’s unique set of resins with ligands directed against different human antibody subdomains. These resins enable the design of affinity purification platforms for a broad range of antibody formats.
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CMC Development Platforms and Outsourcing to Reduce Timelines
Maribel Rios, with Qinghai Zhao
Accelerating timelines to an investigational new drug (IND) application can be realized with use of platform systems and through a collaboration with a contract development and organization (CDMO). Forty Seven is developing novel therapies based on anti-CD47 and other immuno-oncologies. In this discussion, Dr. Zhao describes his company’s experience in taking a platform approach and working with a CDMO for chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMD) development.
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