Innovative Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC) Resins for Next Generation Molecule Challenges

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thermofisher-downstream-HIC-PH_2017Advances in biotherapeutics are generating a wider range of biomolecules that are presenting unique and often difficult separation and purification challenges. Based on the complex needs of the industry a series of HIC prototypes were developed over a range of hydrophobicity. Utilizing extensive user input, design goals focused on development of resins with market leading resolution and capacity, as well as optimized surface and flow characteristics for increased throughput and high product recovery. All of which are typical pain points for current HIC separations. An additional goal was maintenance of resin performance at lower salt concentrations or with weaker kosmotropic salts. A new POROS™ base bead was designed for high performance in both bind/elute and flow-through HIC applications of a wide variety of biomolecules and sizes. A novel coating procedure was developed along with functionalization with a unique aromatic ligand to provide a wide range of hydrophobicity. This range of resins both span and extend the hydrophobicity of commercially available products, while still maintaining design criteria. With increased performance in capacity and resolution these resins are differentiated especially when considering the range of characteristics and hydrophobicity of target biotherapeutics. These prototype resins are suitable for both bind and elute as well as flow-through applications and have excellent resolution, high capacity, and fast flow rate capability when compared to other HIC chemistries. This poster will highlight the benefits of a high performing HIC resin and the need for a range of hydrophobicity as a solution for a wide range of applications and challenging molecules.