A Guide to Accelerating Cell Line Development for Commercial Production

Effective, high-quality cell line development (CLD) is essential for success in the commercialization of protein biologics, but there is no one right way to tackle it. Some companies have extensive in-house capabilities and look for reliable equipment suppliers to help streamline early-stage development and enable a smooth transition to manufacturing. On the other end of the spectrum, certain companies need a fully outsourced solution to provide cell lines, products, and experienced professionals to oversee the entire CLD project. And others need a hybrid approach for a custom CLD solution that best meets their needs. A synergistic, single-vendor approach increases collaboration and reduces project management requirements and overall costs.

This white paper highlights the key hurdles and points to consider when establishing a CLD process and how early decision-making can significantly impact later stages. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches to CLD and learn about Sartorius’ whole CLD portfolio, which encompasses instruments, CLD services, technology licenses, cell culture media, and related services.

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