AAV Suspension Platform Generations: Continuous Improvement Leading to Increased Viral Vector Titer and Yield

This webcast features: Yiyu Dong, Head of Cell Line Development, and
David Barnard, Senior Scientist, Process and Technology Development, WuXi Advanced Therapies

The field of gene therapy has experienced significant growth in recent years. Adenoassociated virus (AAV)–mediated therapies account for ~70% of the gene therapy market. However, the manufacturing capacity for AAV vectors remains a critical bottleneck. WuXi Advanced Therapies launched a world-class AAV suspension platform early 2020. In this webinar, we will reveal the improvements that increased viral vector titer and yield on our platform.

The advancements in the platform include:

  1. Significant increase of viral vector titer
  2. Increased coverage of AAV serotypes
  3. Decreased process variability by using chemically defined growth medium
  4. Optimized and simplified downstream processing
  5. An increase in integrated testing capacity.

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