Addressing Purification Challenges for Complex Therapeutics with Custom Chromatography Resins

This webcast features: Laurens Sierkstra, Business Segment Leader, Bioproduction Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Ongoing progress in biotherapeutics development has initiated an increasing range of complex molecules entering the drug development pipeline such as novel vaccines and therapeutic proteins. This often rises challenges in the manufacturing process of these newer modalities, with downstream operations as a focus point as this part of the production process frequently represents a bottleneck. Addressing downstream challenges requires novel purification strategies for commercial manufacturing which may not always exist. When your specific process needs cannot be met with of-the-shelf resins, custom resin production may be a viable solution.

Our custom resin development platform and innovative affinity ligand technology enables the development of innovative purification resins, providing a solution for challenging downstream processes.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How a custom resin can solve the purification challenges of your unique target molecule.
  • About our highly collaborative process of custom resin development to meet our customers specific needs.


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