Advantages of Fluoropolymer Single-Use Systems

This webcast features: Eric Isberg, Director of Life Sciences, Entegris

There remain significant performance risks restricting the use of disposables in bioprocessing. These factors include bag breakage, which is particularly evident in cold temperature applications; concerns around E&L and material purity; and use of materials which are incompatible with the process itself. Improved plastics are required to meet existing and future process needs; fluoropolymers appear to be very promising to achieve these goals.

Fluoropolymers’ unmatched characteristics are inherent to their chemistry and make them suitable for any pharmaceutical or bioprocessing application. Characteristics of fluoropolymer materials include chemical inertness, purity, durability, and a wide temperature range; and the unlimited form factors position them to be the future of single-use technologies.

Learn about:

  • Advantages of fluoropolymers in bioprocessing
  • Not all fluoropolymers are the same regarding purity and E&L
  • What are the limits in terms of high and low temperature applications
  • What form factors are available today and in the future
  • Do gamma-stable fluoropolymers exist