Advantages of Custom Chromatography Resin Development: A Viable Solution for Purification of Complex Biotherapeutics

This webcast features: Scott Zobbi, Senior Manager of Business Development, Custom POROS Resins, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Advances in biotherapeutic development are generating an increasing range of complex molecules, often presenting unique and complex purification challenges. Addressing these challenges requires novel purification strategies for commercial manufacturing, which may not always exist. When your specific process needs cannot be met with off-the-shelf resins, custom resin production may be a viable solution.

Our POROS™ custom resin and CaptureSelect™ custom affinity matrix development platforms enable the development of innovative purification resins, providing a solution for challenging downstream processes.

Here we present our custom downstream processing solutions, including a case study highlighting the development of a custom resin developed in close collaboration with a customer.

Learning points:

  • Learn more on the process of custom resin development starting from a prototype resin, scaling up to a bioprocess resin suitable for commercial manufacturing.
  • Find out how a custom resin can solve the purification challenges of your unique target molecule.
  • Understand how a customized resin can make your chromatography process more efficient and cost-effective.

Watch the recorded webcast now.