Advantages of Mixed-Mode Chromatography in Host Cell Protein Removal

This webcast features: Thomas Valorose, Senior Product Manager, Astrea Bioseparations.

Despite considerable advances in downstream purification for MAbs and other recombinant proteins from various expression systems, there remains a need for effective removal of process and product related impurities that could impact product safety, stability, and efficacy. Many workflows today utilize multiple steps to polish their product, including ion exchange and hydrophobic interactions. Utilizing mixed-mode purification techniques, Astrea Bioseparations delivers a solution that has several advantages over traditional workflows. By using a mixed-mode approach to purifying the Protein A eluate, multiple sample conditions and process parameters can be accounted for.

Key takeaways:

  • Mixed-mode purification eliminates the need to dilute the Protein A eluate, saving time and costs.
  • Mixed-mode demonstrates a higher specificity than HIC polishing, allowing for the removal of HMW aggregates without decreasing yield.
  • Platform technology can be adapted to multiple conditions and feedstocks.

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