Antibody Internalization: Advanced Flow Cytometry and Live-Cell Analysis Give Rich Insights During Antibody Profiling

Antibody, Monoclonal, Sartorius Solutions, (mAb), Discovery, Development

The natural characteristics of antibodies, such as high binding affinity, specificity to a wide variety of targets, and good stability, make them ideal therapeutic candidates for many diseases. Therapeutic antibodies, in particular monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), deliver promising therapeutic results in several different disease areas, such as autoimmunity, oncology, and chronic inflammation. Researchers’ abilities to improve the breadth of antibodies have been aided by innovative technologies for antibody discovery, for instance, through humanization of mouse antibodies and phage display. However, advanced antibody design techniques create the need for new antibody screening and profiling methods so that lead candidates can be quickly and effectively identified as early in the development process as possible.

A solution to address these challenges is to use advanced screening and profiling methods that offer maximum insight through high-content data. Herein, we demonstrate an advanced antibody screening and profiling method that focuses on speed and insight by using a novel, pH-sensitive reagent for characterizing antibody internalization (ABI) via both advanced flow cytometry and live-cell imaging. This novel screening method maximizes the biological insights obtained from cell and antibody characterization through high-content data and powerful integrated software solutions to fast track lead candidate profiling.

Quick and accurate identification of suitable drug candidates is key to the development of therapeutic antibodies. Antibody internalization (ABI) is an essential part of the selection criteria for drug candidates. It can be used for functional profiling and rate comparisons, as well as mechanistic studies when coupled with additional multiplexed readouts, thus reducing the time required for lead generation.

This white paper illustrates the capabilities of a novel advanced antibody profiling solution that combines high-content data and comprehensive analysis and visualization tools not found in traditional solutions to provide a simple, fast, and insightful way to identify candidates early in the screening process. Learn how the unique combination of a pH-sensitive reagent for characterizing ABI in conjunction with advanced flow cytometry and live-cell imaging enables simultaneous analysis of a variety of cell and antibody characteristics within the same workflow for the most comprehensive lead profiling.