Approach to Validation & Implementation of Single-Use Systems

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validation-story2-250While many of the reasons to move to single-use systems have been well defined over the last few years, there are still concerns with the lack of information regarding validation and implementation of the systems. In this on-demand educational webcast, Christopher Mach of Pall Life Sciences details the step-by-step approach to validation and implementation of single-use systems in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. You’ll learn about:

  • A Summary of the Regulatory Position Regarding Validation
  • Validation Program Key Points
  • Pall Approach to Organizing and Operating an Appropriate Validation Program
  • Pall Validation Capabilities

Join Mach as he utilizes a core study of extractables/leachables using the Pall Allegro™ Single-Use System to address industry concerns and help illustrate the necessary components of a successful validation program.

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