Automating Workflow Solutions, Not Instruments: Engineering Validated Processes for Biologics Screening

This webcast features: Brian Bordeau, Business Development, Global Advanced Workflows and Engineered Solutions, FortéBio

Automation can be a lifeline for scientists working in the discovery and development of biologics. The prospects for increasing sample throughput, reducing operator time, and streamlining data audit trails are alluring. However, at the same time, introducing automation can be a frightening and confusing project, with efforts often falling short of expectations for lack of bigger picture thinking.

The Advanced Workflow Engineering Solutions (AWES) team at Molecular Devices has been tailoring solutions to improve the odds of successful implementation of automation. From customizing instruments to automating entire workflows, the AWES team has built a significant base of knowledge in biologics processes. This webinar will introduce a few frequently encountered challenges as well as highlight solutions that came about from considering the whole workflow rather than focusing purely on an individual component level.

Watch the recorded webcast below.

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