Benefits of Real-Time Analytics to Overcome Common Cell Culture Challenges

This webcast features: Nick Randall, Bioprocessing Product Manager, 908 Devices.

Faster development cycles, intensified processes, and automation of process control are key initiatives in biotherapeutics manufacturing. However, offline analytics requiring manual intervention are commonly used to monitor critical and time-sensitive process parameters. We describe a new automated approach for optimal growth and production, leveraging sensitive, on-line (sample-free) monitoring of glucose and lactate with automated feed control, and its impact on growth/viability, lower toxic metabolite, and improved PQA.

Key takeaways:

  • Explore strategies to reduce toxic metabolites, achieve higher yield and improve product quality through continuous monitoring and dynamic control of substrate feeding.
  • Discover how selective flow-diffusion technology enables highly sensitive and accurate online measurements of glucose and lactate.
  • Learn from case studies in cell culture and fermentation upstream applications.

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