bioCERTIFIED: Turn Your Quality Management System into a Competitive Advantage

This webcast features: Jigisha Patel, VP of Regulatory Compliance & Technical Services, Spectrum Chemical Mfg. Corp.

What can go wrong will go wrong—unless you eliminate unpredictability that results in reworks, rising costs, nonconformance, and unreliable product performance. Learn how to implement quality management systems throughout your entire supply chain and help accelerate biopharmaceutical development and production time for first-mover advantages. Whether it’s upstream or downstream processing, you will gain new insight that enables you to

  • eliminate unpredictability and batch-to-batch variability through a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) program throughout your supply chain;
  • enhance your existing quality management systems with new change management controls while meeting regulatory requirements; and
  • incorporate expanded testing protocols with scientific documentation that not only set you up for success today but also position your business for a competitive advantage well into the future.

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