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The biopharmaceutical industry has developed into a multi-billion dollar market in just 30 years. Making decisions and setting up strategies in a rapidly changing environment can be challenging. The difference between a good and a great decision can have extensive implications for the future of a company. In this environment, knowledge and experience are what make the difference. Good insights about, for example, technical advancements, process economy implications, and sustainability aspects can help improve the individual decisions and strengthen the overall business strategy.

In this webinar series, four renowned subject matter experts will share their insights into four areas of bioprocessing: upstream, vaccines, downstream, and single-use technology. We will present tangible, recently developed data that can help you in developing modern, cost-efficient, and sustainable bioprocesses.

Andreas-Castan_small Apr. 20, 2016 – Now Available for On-Demand Viewing
In the first webinar “How to Improve Productivity and Process Economy Through Intensified Seed Train Strategies”, Dr. Andreas Castan discusses the upstream seed-train. He demonstrates how a process intensification strategy can be used to compress timelines and decrease costs for this unit operation.

Mats_Lundgren-small May 4, 2016 – Now Available for On-Demand Viewing
The second webinar, “Vaccine Manufacturing with Single-Use Technology: An Evaluation of Process Economy” with Dr. Mats Lundgren, covers vaccine processes. You will get insights on how to improve process economy and enhance end-product quality through the implementation of single-use technologies and novel microcarrier formats.

Madhu-Raghunathan-small May 18, 2016 – 5 pm CET | 11 am EDT | 8 am PDT
Our third webinar “Unlocking the Potential for Efficiency in Downstream Bioprocesses” will focus on downstream operations. Madhu Raghunathan will walk you through several innovative strategies for achieving increased efficiency in buffer handling, chromatography unit operations, and downstream processing in general.
Flanagan_small Jun. 1, 2016 – 5 pm CET | 11 am EDT | 8 am PDT
Finally, in our fourth webinar “Single-Use Technology and Sustainability: Quantifying the Environmental Impact” Bill Flanagan will talk about sustainability and how this relates to single-use technologies in biomanufacturing operations. He will present new data on the implications of a single-use strategy from a sustainability perspective.

We believe that the insights gained from this webinar series will be useful for you and your company as we continue to shape the biomanufacturing industry for the future.

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