Bioprocessing in a Time of Digital Transformation

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eve® is a modular software system for bioreactors and incubator shakers, rethinking bioprocess control to meet the needs of modern users:

  • Fast, secure access to data via a web browser from anywhere, using a range of devices
  • The move to Big Data Analytics for process data analysis
  • A single platform for different types of information required by different users e.g. researchers, production and quality assurance

A browser-based approach to accessing this information makes considerations such as operating system, size of device and location mostly irrelevant. The development of powerful, modern browsers and the proliferation of mobile platforms has altered the way in which programs run and where data are stored. Concepts like a “web-based solution” and “cloud computing” are everyday terms, but their definition is often difficult to establish. This White Paper deals provides definitions and offers a framework for discussing the benefits of using these concepts for bioprocess software.