Bioreactor Monitoring – Best Practices for Cell Counting, Sizing, and Viability

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Manufacturers utilizing bioprocesses for production need accurate and reliable tools for monitoring bioreactors. The key parameter that many bioprocess engineers rely on is viable cell density. This is a compound parameter arising from knowledge of the cellular concentration and the total cellular viability. Viable cell density is the mathematical product of these two primary pieces of information. In order to minimize variability, the detection technique of each of the primary measurements (concentration and viability) must be understood separately.

In this educational webcast, Matthew N Rhyner, PhD., Global Analytical Marketing Manager at Beckman Coulter Inc, discusses two of the most powerful techniques for assessing concentration and viability: the Coulter Principle and flow-based imaging. Join Dr. Rhyner as he compares the strengths and weaknesses of these techniques and discusses competing technologies. The webcast concludes with some recommendations for best practices in monitoring cell count, size, and viability.

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