Cell Culture Media Manufacturing, Outsourcing and the Pandemic: An Essential Toolkit

This webcast features: Chad Schwartz, Senior Global Product Manager for Proprietary Cell Culture Media Formulations, and  Eric Nalbach, Director of Product Management, Bioproduction, Cell Culture Media, Thermo Fisher Scientific

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact across the bioproduction industry, from supply chains to working practices. As organizations adapt to such changes, they have already experienced huge shifts in how the industry works. Those working in both research and manufacturing feel an obligation to employ all available resources to efficiently develop market-ready treatments and vaccines, which will ensure a swift return to normality. This has led to a significant uptake in the production of cell culture media, supplements, and feeds. To meet these demands, organizations have turned to strategic outsourcing to ensure that they can keep up with the current uptake, while consistently fulfilling long-term requirements for global scale-up. But, how does an organization know that they are partnering with the right manufacturer?

This webinar will provide you with an essential toolkit to help you make the right decision when choosing to outsource your cell culture media. It will focus on the crucial points that you must consider when outsourcing, from how to maximize productivity to minimizing risk and maintaining compliance with critical safety measures. There will be particular emphasis on the issue of facilities redundancy, highlighting how a rigorous site-equivalency validation can limit lot-to-lot variability and provide consistent quality with rapid turnaround and delivery, even in times of crisis.

Watch the recorded webcast now.