Cell Media Analysis: A Critical Piece of the Bioprocessing Puzzle

This webcast features: Graziella Piras, Bioprocess Segment Director, 908 Devices

Cell culture medium remains a key component of traditional monoclonal antibody (mAb)-based biologics as well as newer modalities such as gene and cell therapies manufacturing.

As such, cell culture media development and optimization continue to be an important focus for the biopharmaceutical industry. Increased analytical capabilities have provided new insights into the relationship between cell culture media, the cells they support, and ultimately the outcome of the final product. That greater insight offers more opportunities to create products faster, more cost effectively, and with greater therapeutic success.

Building on September’s “Bioprocess 101 – Cell Culture Media Analysis” session, here we’ll dive deeper into the impact of cell culture medium optimization on productivity, quality, and overall success of bioproduction of protein-based therapeutics.

Topics to be covered:

  • Media quality control (QC) testing
  • Cell culture media screening and optimization
  • Cell culture media analysis and process analytical control (PAT)

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