China Biopharmaceuticals: Increasing In-Bound and Out-Bound Investments

Eric Langer, President of BioPlan Associates, joined the BPI Theater at BIO on Wednesday, 5 July 2019, to report recent movements in China’s biopharmaceutical markets. In collaboration with the Society for Industrial Microbiology (SIM) and 102 different authors from around the world, BioPlan conducted a peer-reviewed analysis of the factors driving product development in China. Results showed that market data are not the biggest factor; it is the high incidence of cancer diagnosis and death. Considering this great need and China’s expansion into biologics, the question that arises is usually: Can China evolve from “the world’s factory” offering toys, electronics, and commodities to a technologically complex environment for making and selling biologics? Langer responds that the question instead should be: How will developed regions, biomanufacturers, suppliers, regulators, and investors participate in that evolution? “Because it’s not going to slow down.”

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