Configurable, Single-Use TFF Systems for Rapid Bioprocessing

This webcast features: David Serway, Global Director, Single-Use TFF Systems and ProConnex® Flow Paths, Repligen

The explosive growth in biologics and gene therapies, the globalization of biomanufacturing, and the pressures to reduce capital investment and cost of goods while accelerating speed to market all point to changes in how bioprocessing systems/skids are designed, built, and operated. Future hardware, software, and consumables built on the principle of flexibility and extensive use of single-use, closed, complete, and ready-to-operate technologies will be described. This presentation will summarize Repligen systems for tangential flow filtration (TFF) that combine unparalleled configurability with premium quality manufacturing. System designs will maximize scalability from small to large volumes, flexibility between hollow-fiber and flat-sheet filter formats, and ability to use the same system in different unit operations while deploying ready-to-use, application-specific flow-path assemblies. Finally, to ensure success, a team of sales specialists and applications experts helps support rapid start-up and robust operation in current good manufacturing practice (CGMP) processes.

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