Drug Development – Developing Biologics for Respiratory Delivery

We bring you an informative on-demand drug development webinar, focusing on developing biologics for respiratory delivery.

With drug discovery programmes increasingly focused on biological drug substances for both respiratory and systemic targets, the need to develop effective solutions for nasal and inhaled delivery is becoming increasingly vital for the industry. In this workshop, we will discuss the challenges and solutions alongside examples from real-world projects.

Biologic and DNA-based modalities such as oligonucleotides, proteins, antibodies, and a range of other complex forms present unique challenges for developing an effective inhaled and nasal delivery. The workshop will address the key principles, challenges, and technologies involved in building effective OINDP products from a range of biologic APIs.

The workshop will draw examples from real-world inhaled biologic drug development projects to highlight key parts of the development programmes using worked examples to talk through the decision-making and development process.

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