Dynamic Dialysis: A Novel Process-Scale Membrane Separation for GMP Manufacturing

This webcast features: Daniel (Danny) Spurgin, Product Manager, and Cassidy Markee, Bioprocess Sales Specialist, Repligen

While static dialysis is used routinely in research and sample analysis, dynamic dialysis is increasingly used today for the purification of macromolecules, proteins, nanoparticles, biomolecules, polymers (polypeptides, polysacharide, oligos), virus for vaccine and delicate/shear sensitive species. It is also ideal for the purification of viscous fluids and hydrogels (hyaluronic acid – HA) that cannot be filtered. Where traditional filtration methods may fail, dynamic dialysis uses flow dynamics to increase both the rate and efficiency of dialysis. In this webinar, we will explore dialysis basics, introduce dynamic dialysis for process scale separation, and demonstrate the benefits of dynamic dialysis for bioprocessing.

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