Early Selection of Optimal Clones Made Easy: A New, High-Throughput, All-in-One Solution for Mannose Glycans Screening and Assessment of Critical Quality Attributes

Glycosylation is a critical quality attribute (CQA) and imparts properties such as stability, folding, solubility, cell-cell interaction and adhesion to proteins. Antibody glycosylation for example is critical due to the role carbohydrates play in modulating effector functions which affect safety and efficacy of therapeutic antibodies.

The NEW Octet® GlyM Kit is designed to provide cell line development and upstream bioprocessing Octet® users with a ready to use kit for the rapid screening of % mannose content of purified and cell harvest antibody samples. The kit correlates well with HPLC and mass spec techniques in rank ordering of samples and has the added advantage that it does not require sample purification or enzymatic digestion prior to sample analysis.

When combined with the high-throughput features of Octet® instruments and the flexibility of sample analysis using a variety of off-the shelf biosensors; including for titer determination, specificity to target antigen binding and off-rate analysis (all from the same sample set); it is an added tool for the assessment of critical quality attributes that should facilitate the early selection of optimal clones during cell line development.