Efficacy and Utility of New EXP-Pak Closed-System Disposable Cell Expansion Bags Designed for Cell Therapy Applications

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EXP-Pak Closed-System Disposable Cell Expansion BagsClinical cellular therapy applications often times require a cell expansion or maturation step prior to use. Traditionally, cell expansion or cell culture is performed in “open” systems including multi-well culture dishes or tissue culture flasks. These “open” steps present risks and are not ideal for larger-scale manufacturing. The new EXP-Pak™ cell expansion container offered by Charter Medical, Ltd. is a closed-system, gas permeable bag intended for expansion and culture of non-adherent cells.

The data demonstrate that the EXP-Pak™ cell expansion bags provide an ideal environment for culture and expansion of cells. Average cell expansion values (TNC) and total cell viability were shown to be comparable to alternative bags evaluated. Furthermore, the bags provide a completely closed system for sterile filling, sampling, and cell manipulation. In conclusion, the EXP-Pak™ cell expansion containers from offer an optimal, scalable cell expansion environment for a variety of therapeutically important cell types.

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