Efficient High-Titer Monoclonal Antibody Production in a Fed-Batch Process Using Single-Use Stirred-Tank and Rocking Bioreactor Systems

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GE-Mab-productionThis poster presents a study on the performance of two types of single-use in an antibody fed-batch process. The bioreactors were the stirred tank Xcellerex™ XDR-200 bioreactor and the rocking ReadyToProcess WAVE™ 25 bioreactor system. The cell line used was a CHO-DG44 derived antibody‑producing cell line and the base medium and feeds were from the ActiCHO™ media platform.

The results from the parallel cultures presented in figures 3,4 and 5 show that cell growth, productivity and metabolism were very similar. Maximum viable cell concentration was approximately 23 million cells per milliliter in both bioreactors and final product concentrations at harvest, 13 days post inoculation, was approximately 5 g/L. The similar performance can be seen in the physio-chemical parameters such as the dissolved carbon dioxide profile (Figure 6) and the similar profiles of the fed nutrients and metabolites (Figure 5).

Although having different vessel geometries, the process outcome was very similar in both the Xcellerex and the ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 bioreactor. The combination of the ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 bioreactor for inoculum and labscale and the XDR bioreactor offers a reliable, flexible and scalable solution for recombinant protein production.