Efficient Solutions for the Purification of Challenging Antibody Formats

This webcast features: Laurens Sierkstra, Senior Director, Business Leader, Purification, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Bioproduction Leiden/Naarden, The Netherlands

The changing landscape for antibody-derived therapeutics, such as bispecific monoclonal antibodies, Fab fragments, and Fc-fusion proteins brings new purification challenges in the downstream process of these molecules. Standard chromatography resins, such as Protein A, may not result in the most efficient process. Thermo Scientific™ CaptureSelect™ resins, focusing on alternative antibody domains, enhance the success of your antibody purification process. From research to full-scale commercial production, the affinity resins provide high target purity in a single step, independent of feedstock. In combination with mild elution to protect the target molecule, these affinity resins provide a platform solution to the antibody industry.

During this webinar you will learn more about efficient and scalable affinity purification solutions for the production of challenging antibody formats.

Watch the recorded webcast below.