ELEVECTATM — Truly Stable and Inducible Producer Cell Line for Large Scale AAV Manufacturing

The gene therapy industry has predominantly focused on rare diseases, but recently there has been a shift to prevalent diseases covering a much broader patient population. This is largely in hopes to drive down the cost of therapy as well as minimize the financial risks to therapy developers. With the current clinical trials pipeline being dominated by therapies for larger populations, the industry must recognize that our current manufacturing methods cannot efficiently produce the amount of material needed to treat on a large-scale.

The ELEVECTATM platform is the only truly stable producer cell line on the market to date, enabling production of AAV in an adequately scaled manufacturing process to meet the demand of treating large patient populations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the difference from other assumed producer cell lines on the market​.
  • See how we can help produce high quality and high yield AAV to cater for indications with large patient populations.
  • See how ELEVECTATM can be robustly scaled to large scale stirred tank bioreactors.

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