Expanding Applications in Downstream Biologics Characterization: Stability, Formulations and Aggregation Studies using Octet®

Structure is an important characteristic for protein activity and function. Structural alterations due to protein mis-folding, denaturation or unfavorable conditions can lead to the formation of aggregate species that can affect the efficacy and safety of biologic drug candidates. While many biophysical analytical tools are well suited for detecting these aggregates, few offer a combination of structural and functions assessment in the same system. Sartorius’ Octet® platform is an easy-to-use analytical tool that can detect the presence of aggregated species while monitoring biologics functional activity at the formulation stage of biologics drug development process.

  • Octet® as a Stability Indicating Analytical Tool
  • Octet® Potency Assays with Aggregated Samples
  • Probing Structurally Altered and Aggregated States in Therapeutic Proteins
  • Measuring Nanoparticle Scaffold Stability
  • Formulations Studies on Octet® Systems