Fluorescence Reveals Hidden Details in Flowers That Attract Pollinators

Analytical bioprocess scientists and lab managers must capture images at the highest resolution and across a large spectrum, without compromising image quality.

The Amersham ImageQuant™ 800 (IQ800) imager allows automatic high-resolution imaging across the entire visible spectrum, from UV to infrared.

The IQ800 system is equipped with six different types of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and corresponding filters, making imaging easy for a wide variety of applications beyond chemiluminescence.

  • The best gel and blot images without the guesswork using SNOW imaging mode
    Using the SNOW (signal-to-noise optimization watch) automated imaging mode, detect more weak bands in your Western blot and achieve high sensitivity without compromising image quality
  • Functional, yet flexible, design
    Save space and easily integrate the IQ800 system into your operation with the new functional, yet flexible, design. Also remote access for image saving, system status, and scheduling is included through the ImageQuant™ CONNECT software.
  • Image more than gels and Western blots
  • Resolve proteins that are close in molecular weight with ease