Freeze-Pak™ STS Bio-Containers and STS Shippers: A New Single-Use Solution for Frozen Storage & Transport to -80°C

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Charter-UpstreamFrozen storage is commonly performed and enables manufacturing process flexibility, long-term product stability and minimizes logistics challenges.  While single-use containers are available for storage and transport of frozen products, some require a significant investment while others don’t offer the necessary support and protection. Using films and bags not designed for frozen storage applications can be detrimental.


Charter Medical recently developed a new family of single-use frozen storage and transport solutions. The Freeze-Pak™ STS (FP-STS) bio-containers and supporting secondary single-use STS shipping containers were engineered specifically for frozen storage applications. The bags and secondary containers are both tested to support frozen storage and transport to -80°C. The Freeze-Pak™ STS freezing solution products have been designed to provide a simple solution while delivering the flexibility and durability required for frozen storage and transport. 


The purpose of the study was to test the new Freeze-Pak™ STS single-use bags and secondary shipping containers for both storage and transport. The results demonstrate that the Freeze-Pak™ STS bags and secondary containers can be used effectively to temperatures as low as -80°C and offer a durable yet flexible freezing, storage and transport solution.