Globalization of Single-Use and an Introduction to the Mobius® MyWay Portfolio

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Single-use systems have enjoyed a meteoric rise in recent years and are fast becoming the go-to option for all but the biggest batches in the biopharma industry. But how do you get the most out of these exciting systems? Here, experts track the rapid evolution of single use systems, their impact on the industry and biomanufacturing, and how they will transform future manufacturing operations. Single-use is now becoming well established into an “age of optimization.” More than 90% of biopharma facilities use at least some single-use components, and the market for single-use bioprocessing is estimated to reach US$5.9 billion by 2024. Read on to follow the rapid growth over the past 15 years and gain an insight on where experts believe single-use will exceed to in the future. These experts answer questions regarding the market and where it is today, the conversion rate to single-use, how single-use technology will evolve, what the future holds for biomanufacturing facilities, and finally offers advice for companies who want to do more with single-use.

This supplement illustrates a timeline on the evolution of single-use. With the exponential success of single-use, there has become many new and revolutionary technologies. For example, the Mobius® Mix and Lynx® connectors were milestones of the time in the early 2000’s. In addition to these technologies, MilliporeSigma now offers a program that allows more flexibility, better supply predictability, and shorter lead times for more efficient and safer drug manufacture- Mobius® MyWay Portfolio.

The Mobius® MyWay Portfolio offers three categories, each offering a different level of configuration flexibility. Mobius® Stock offers on-demand solutions ready to ship in 24 hours. Mobius® Select offers an optimal balance of speed and configurability of custom assemblies from an optimized component library with an agile 6-week lead time. Mobius® Choice offers highly customized solutions from an expansive component library, shipped in standard lead times. Single-use is in growth mode, and it’s an exciting time for the field!

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