Gram Scale Antibody Production Using CHO Cell Transient Gene Expression (TGE) via Flow Electroporation

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MaxCyte flow electroporation provides a universal means of fully scalable, highly efficient CHO-based TGE for the rapid production of gram to multi-gram level s of antibodies without the need for specialized reagents, expression vectors, or engineered CHO cell lines. In this technical note, we present data demonstrating the reproducibility, scalability, and antibody production capabilities of MaxCyte electroporation. Secreted antibody titers routinely exceed 400 mg/L and can exceed 1gram/L following optimization, thereby enabling multi-gram antibody production from a single, CHO cell transfection. In addition, we present data showing the use of MaxCyte electroporation for the rapid generation of high-yield stable CHO cell lines to bridge the gap between early and late stage antibody development activities.