High-Quality and Cost-Effective Plasmid Platform

This webcast features: Dr. Shuyuan Yao, Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Research & Technology Development, WuXi Advanced Therapies

In recent years, the demand for cell and gene therapy has increased substantially. The success in gene and cell therapy has also increased demand for plasmid DNA. In supplying the industry with high-quality plasmid DNA, key prominent market challenges are capacity availability, accelerated turnaround time (TAT), and affordability. In this presentation, WuXi Advanced Therapies will showcase how to address these prominent challenges to provide high-quality, cost-effective, and accelerated TAT for good manufacturing practice (GMP) grade and GMP plasmid DNA market supply to help accelerate customer’s pipeline to market.

Key takeaways:

  • High-quality and cost-effective plasmid DNA solution
  • Flexible facility with accelerated TAT
  • Capabilities of ATU plasmid platform
  • WuXi ATU GMP plasmids and manufacturing experience

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