How Molded Manifold Assemblies Prevent Leaks & Costly Consequences

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Molded tubing manifolds have roles to perform over and above being a transport vehicle for liquids. The assemblies must maintain leak-proof flow. They need to meet sterility requirements and help limit the need for cleaning and associated validations. They also must be cost effective, simple to use and efficient.

When compared with hand-assembled tubing sets, the advantages of molded tubing manifold assemblies are clear. Tubing sets made from multiple components present a risk of leaks at every juncture. With barbed connections such as Y’s, T’s, reducers and Tri-Clamps, plus the need for filters and bags or bottles for sampling, the chance of leaks is compounded. Each connection that involves a barbed end fitted into tubing and secured with a cable tie is a point of risk.

This white paper explains how using molded tubing manifold assemblies can reduce the risk of leaks and their associated repercussions and expenses.