Improving Plasmid Design, Process and Manufacturing to Improve Viral Vector Yield

This webcast features: Richard Parker-Manuel, Group Leader for Plasmid Engineering and Production at OXGENE, WuXi Advanced Therapies.

Successful development of cell and gene therapies requires robust, scalable manufacturing processes which generate high-quality material. There are substantial challenges associated with producing high viral yields and with navigating the regulatory environment to bring a therapeutic to market, a process which is often expensive and inefficient. Many challenges are attributable to the plasmid design and manufacturing step, where plasmids are the building blocks usually required for cell and gene therapies. OXGENE and WuXi Advanced Therapies (ATU) provide plasmid design and manufacturing solutions with antibiotic-free systems for smoother regulatory processes, and with expedited product delivery.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The current challenges associated with high quality plasmids for cell and gene therapies.
  • Why OXGENE’s AAV and lentiviral plasmids generate high viral vector yields and confer safety and regulatory advantages.
  • How the production technology platform of WuXi ATU can be used for robust, scalable plasmid manufacture.

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