Integrated mRNA Production Process from E. coli to Highly Purified mRNA

This webcast features: Aleš Štrancar, Managing Director, BIA Separations, a Sartorius Company

In vitro transcription (IVT), the enzymatic process used for the production of mRNA vaccines, differentiates itself from biological fermentation processes by the need for linearized plasmid DNA. The linear isoform is produced with restriction enzymes from open-circular and supercoiled plasmid DNA. Employing a traditional pDNA manufacturing process, which removes linear and open-circular isoforms, will reduce production yield. However, when plasmid DNA and mRNA are treated as a single production process, purification steps can be optimized, yields improved, and overall production costs reduced.

Three key takeaways:

  • Learn about a new purification approach starting from E. coli through to mRNA production, resulting in improved recoveries, extra-low protein impurities, and very efficient dsRNA removal.
  • Get insights into how pDNA linearization based on monoliths is leveraged prior to and during polishing in this purification strategy.
  • Understand the use of in-process analytics and mRNA purification tools for improved contaminant removal.

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